10 Easy Exercises For Beautiful Arms and Tight Breasts

7. ’Tennis ball’ exercise

This exercise is considered one of the most important elements of this set and helps to strengthen breasts muscles.

Exercise technique:

  1. Stand straight, with your legs hip-width apart.
  2. Take a tennis ball and place it between your palms at the level of your chest.
  3. Push your arms toward each other, squeezing the tennis ball and then relax, keeping your elbows straight out to the sides.

6. ’Book’ exercise

This exercise is for tightening breasts and strengthening back muscles.

Exercise technique:

  1. Stand straight and stretch your arms, keeping palms upward.
  2. Put a thick book on each palm (or you can use dumbbells).
  3. Spread your arms to the sides, then bring them together in front of you.

5. ’Scissors’ exercise

Scissors’ helps to stretch chest muscles and correct the posture.

Exercise technique:

  1. Stand straight, relax your shoulders.
  2. Stretch your arms to the side, keeping palms down.
  3. Bring them to the front, overlapping each other. Alternate overlapping arms with every rep.
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