10 Ways to Use Mayonnaise You Probably Wouldn’t Even Think Of

7. Gum remover

Do you need to remove bubble gum from carpeting in your living room, a table in the kitchen, or from your own hair with ease? Just apply a little mayo to the gum and massage the substance into the unwanted hunk instead of rubbing and scrubbing. The oily condiment will loosen the gum’s grip and allow it to be removed without leaving a trace.

6. Hair conditioner

If you suffer from dry and straw-like hair, mayonnaise will come to its rescue. All you need to do is replace your everyday hair conditioner with this condiment. The egg yolk in the mayo contains lecithin that will encourage hair growth while the vinegar will exfoliate the scalp. As a result, you’ll get soft, healthy, shiny hair.

Mayonnaise is also a natural lice killer. To get rid of these annoying parasites, apply a little mayo onto your hair, cover it with a shower cap and leave on for about 8 hours. After that, remove the substance with normal shampoo. Vegetable oil in the mayo will act like a glue that can suffocate adult and young head lice.

5. Crayon remover

Have your kids turned the walls in your house into a canvas? Instead of scolding them, take some mayo and a sponge and coat the crayon marks with the condiment. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. The mayonnaise will neatly clean up the walls without affecting the paint.

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