11 Vet-Tested Pieces Of Gear You Won’t Want To Camp Without (And 1 You Definitely Do)

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4. Sawyer mini water filter

I don’t care what your commander said: You cannot survive on bourbon alone. Thank God for the Sawyer MINI Water Filter, the two-ounce, palmable filtration system that can produce up to 100,000 filtered gallons of water before copping out. This is the most solid investment you’ll make today, and it has applications far beyond avoiding bacterial meningitis from woodland puddle-drinking.

5. Camelbak

I mean, clearly, although the Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack Backpack 900D is a fantastic, lightweight alternative if you want to eschew the brand-name Camelbak. For what it’s worth, one T&P reader suggested that each Camelbak come with 2 liters of orange juice and vodka at a minimum. Have fun getting the smell out!

6. A hammock

Portable hammocks can be hit or miss, but the ENO SingleNest Hammock is the perfect lightweight bunk for the weary explorer. At just over nine feet long and four feet wide, the SingleNest doesn’t just provide a cocoon of actual comfort — the entire apparatus shrinks down to the size of a cantaloupe for easy packing and transport. Add in the woobie and holy f*cking sh*t I’m never waking up again.

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