31 Essential Items Everyone Needs to Have in Their Home First-Aid Kit

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A medical emergency can occur at anytime, anywhere, so being prepared is important. Having a first-aid kit at home is essential in dealing with emergencies. Even though ready-made first-aid kits are available at the store, creating your own is not only easy but you can customize it according to the specific needs of your family members.

Smashingabs.com put together a guide on how to build your own first-aid kit and which essential items should be stocked in it. Don’t miss our bonus at the end! Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Choosing and maintaining your first-aid kit

  1. Picking a good container:
    • A large, translucent, water-resistant, plastic container with either a latch-top or a zipper closure can make a good first-aid kit. Lunch boxes can also be considered for this purpose.
    • The kit should be easy to carry, so having a handle is useful. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff
    • Various items inside the kit can be organized inside labeled zip-close bags.
    • Regardless of your container choice, make it clearly identifiable by writing “FIRST AID” with a permanent marker in multiple locations, on all sides of the box. Also, if the box is red, this will help in easily locating it.
  2. Storing your first-aid kit:
    • Establish a clearly-defined, consistent spot for your first aid kit. The place should be easily accessible and visible. Let everyone including the kids know about the location.
    • Make sure even small children in the house know about the location of the kit. But accessing the kit should not be an easy task for kids.
  3. Teaching your family members about the kit: Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff
    • Teach everyone, who is old enough, about the different components in the kit.
    • Make sure, even though the smaller kids cannot reach for it, that they know the location. They should also be taught to call others if needed and show them the kit.
    • Place an instruction booklet, like those available from the American Red Cross, inside the kit. Also, if some members of your family have special medical requirements, write them on a piece of paper and put it inside the kit.
  4. Keeping your kit up-to-date:
    • A first-aid kit with medicines that have crossed expiration dates is of no use. Make a schedule to check and restock the kit 2 times a year.
    • Make a checklist of items that you stock in your kit so that while restocking you do not miss out on some essential items.
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