5 Wild Plants That Can Kill You and 5 That Can Save Your Life

4. Dangerous: Angel’s trumpet

However “angelic” the name sounds, you should never ingest this flower under any circumstances. The following results of your actions would be: paralysis, hallucinations, a violent trance, and death.

Nowadays, many people are cultivating these flowers in their gardens, but be aware to not let children or animals pick or ingest these.

5. Dangerous: Deadly Nightshade

I mean.. it’s in the name. Be careful letting your children play around those berries, as children have been known to die after eating just 2 of these.

You may also know this plant under the name of Belladonna. Its leaves and roots are quite dangerous too, so you literally can’t find a safe spot on this one.

6. Safe: Rafflesia flower

The biggest and largest flower in the world, Rafflesia — is as gorgeous as it is useful. In the areas where you can find it, which are usually the jungles of southeast Asia, people gather it and use it for recovery after giving birth (it stops internal bleeding and helps the womb to shrink), as a dietary supplement, and for potency.

Sadly, the flower only lasts a few days and 2 out of 13 types of Rafflesia have been extinct since the Second World War.

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