7 Household Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix

5. Baking soda and vinegar

Vinegar is acidic whilst baking soda is a weak base, so when they’re mixed together they react to neutralize each other, producing mostly water and making the solution almost useless. But the most dangerous thing is that the combination can cause an explosion if you mix them in a closed container.

6. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

When you put these two products together in a container they create peracetic acid which, at high concentrations, can irritate and even damage your skin, eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.

7. Cleaning products of different brands

You never know if the mixture of two different cleaning products will give better results. Remember that each formula is unique and mixing them can result in an uncertain and dangerous chemical reaction.

Safety first! So don’t forget the following:

  • Keep cleaning products in their original containers with their original labels.
  • Stop using or at least try to use less bleach and ammonia in your home.
  • If you use bleach or ammonia, make sure to rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.
  • Never mix bleach with other household cleaning products.
  • Maintain safety standards, and always follow the instructions as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Keep all cleaning products out of the reach of children.
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