8 Awesome Beauty Ideas to Keep You Looking Great

4. Brown eyeshadow and peach lips

The advantage of this makeup is that it can be used both for work and for parties. It’s important to show restraint when applying brown eyeshadow, because it can make you look tired. In its turn, a peach lipstick can refresh your image and neutralize the ‘heaviness’ of brown eyeshadow.

5. Wine lipstick and bronze eyeshadow

This truly royal combination will make you look luxurious. It’s important to stick to the lip contour when applying the lipstick. With the eyeshadow everything’s simpler: all you need is to choose your shade of gold, and apply it with slight movements of your fingers.

6. Purple or blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick

Some people may think that pink lipstick with blue eyeshadow looks a little vulgar, but if you choose shiny eyeshadow instead of matte, you’ll have a fresh and even innocent look.

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