8 Crucial Secrets For Making Your Eyes More Expressive

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The eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. No wonder that girls always look for different ways to accent their eyes and make them look bigger! cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

We at Smashingabs.com would like to share some little tips that will tell you how to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

1. Accent on the eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows are one of the main decorations of the face. You can use an eyebrow pencil, wax, or shadows to enhance them.

2. Use highlighter

Highlighter is a product that gives a glowing look to your skin. To make your eyes more expressive, contour your eyebrows with highlighter and apply some on the inner corners of the eyes. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

3. Draw arrows

Arrows will never go out of style, so take an eye pencil or eyeliner right now and draw nice curved lines. They look really good!

4. Create smoky eyes makeup techniques.

‘Smoky eyes’ is one of the most popular eye makeup techniques. It’s suitable for any time of the day or night, and makes your eyes brighter and expressive.

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