9 Popular Cosmetic Treatments That Can Actually Ruin Your Beauty

If a woman wants to be gorgeous, neither a price list nor pain can stop her. Beauty has always demanded sacrifices but fortunately, nowadays, we can find less morbid alternatives to popular procedures. If you’ve already made an appointment with a cosmetologist to remove your nose hairs or plump up your lips, read this article before confirming your visit. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Smashingabs.com has decided to tell you about the dangerous things that you can face at a cosmetologist’s office and beauty salons that may help you save big sums of money. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Hair straightening

Keratin treatment, lamination, shielding, and other procedures that promise you incredibly smooth hair are just temporary cosmetic effects. All the listed natural components don’t have a therapeutic effect and the results usually last for 2 weeks. Then your hair gets the same or even worse.

Major drawbacks: In most cases, clients notice that their hair gets dull, thin, and brittle. A mixture that is applied to your hair consists of formaldehyde. This gas irritates the mucous membrane, affects the nervous system and internal organs. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Another option: If you want to have straight hair, you should use a special iron together with thermal protection.

2. Perming

Lots of women love permanent waving (especially since the word “bio perm” has appeared). Nevertheless, hairdressers admit that it’s still bad for our hair and nothing can cure it after a chemical procedure like this.

Such great hair volume appears thanks to a chemical solution. If you decide to undergo this procedure, be ready to get brittle hair before it starts growing.

Major drawbacks: A perm (even if it’s bio) dries out the hair and the scalp. If you have any insignificant issues (like dandruff, inflammation, brittle hair, dry skin, and so on), you’re not recommended to do this procedure. If you’re still ready to take risks, we want to remind you: hairdressers say that a perm is just a base for a hairstyle. It means that you’ll still have to spend time doing your hair in the morning.

Another option: Hair curlers, hair curling tools, thermal protection, and special hair dryer nozzles will be less damaging for your hair.

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