9 Popular Cosmetic Treatments That Can Actually Ruin Your Beauty

3. Eyelash extensions and curling

Don’t forget that you may be allergic to the glue that is used by aestheticians and there’s a risk that you’ll temporary or forever lose your eyelashes. And it’s better to avoid doing curling at all: chemical solutions are extremely dangerous and the risk isn’t worth its price.

Major drawbacks: You might get conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. What’s more, is many clients say that their eyelashes get thinner. The process of recovery depends on the person and lasts from 1 to 6 months.

Additionally, salons offer procedures like botox or lamination and promise you that your lashes will become stronger and brighter. It’s also wise to avoid such offers. Lamination (or botox) are performed under really high temperatures with the help of chemical components. That’s why the procedure can’t be healing.

Another option: Apply oils (castor, almond, and usma oil) and a good mascara. If you’re going to an important event, you can use false eyelashes, and if you’re going on vacation, dye your eyelashes with henna.

4. Gel polish

Long-lasting gel polish is extremely popular but not so many women think about its harmful ingredients (formaldehyde, acetone, phthalates) that can irritate your respiratory tract and mucous membranes.

Major drawbacks: Doctors warn us that long-term gel polish-wearing makes our nails thin and brittle. What’s more, is there’s a risk of infection if a nail artist uses any non-sterile equipment.

Another option: You’re recommended to take care of your nails on your own. Pay attention to celebs’ nails (for example, Kate Middleton) — they often wear transparent polish or don’t apply any polish at all.

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