Here Are 36 DIY RV Camping Hacks That Even The Expert Campers Don’t Know About

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For most people that are used to ‘tenting it’ while camping, an RV or 5th wheel would be a great improvement. With the way that our society runs, one upgrade will always lead to another, and then another. If you’re one of those people that recently upgraded from the tent experience to the luxuriousness of an RV, it’s only a matter of time before you are ready for another upgrade. What we have for you today, is 36 RV camping hacks that are definitely going to ensure that you and your family are happy campers. Making the most of your space, repelling pests, and adding comfort and convenience to your camping experience is where we are going with this. So, grab a notepad or bookmark this page to make sure that this summer turns into the best, most convenient camping summer of your life! camping, outdoor, national parks, how to’s, gear & gadget, DIY

1. Dry Food Container Trash Can: Sometimes it’s hard to find a small enough trash can to fit into the small spaces in your RV. Just throw a small trash bag into a dry food container and you’ve got it made.

2. Panty Hose Soap Holder: Throw your favorite bar of soap into a pair of old panty hose and tie it around the spigot. This will help to keep your hands clean and prevent transfer of germs onto the door handles when your hands get nasty outside.

3. PVC Pipe Kid’s Bunk Bed: Whether the kids invited a friend or you just need a little extra room for your family, this PVC pipe bunk bed is convenient and easy to make. All you need is some material, PVC pipe, and rope or nylon straps to suspend the bed from the front doors of your RV or tow vehicle.

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